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how we work

Coaching & Advising

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We work with innovators exploring new opportunities at the intersection of purpose and profits. Innovators we work with include founders, funders and even established institutions who are working on early stage propositions ("zero to one" or even "zero to three"). ​​ 

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Ventures, Campaigns & Special Projects supported across sectors

Raised in Impact Capital

501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), PAC, Angel Investment, VC

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 Preston James II

CEO & Founder, DivInc
Champion for Diversity & Inclusion in Tech;

Former Dell Executive

"Let me be straight up! Laurie is the real deal! She is strong leadership, energetic, she is passionate, she gets things done, she's a difference-maker, problem solver and she's a team/ community builder. She is a person that should undoubtedly have a seat at the table. If you are looking for this kind of talent, this is as silver platter as it gets!!!"


Ashley Connell​

CEO & Founder,
Prowess Project

"It's amazing how much valuable, ACTIONABLE advice Laurie can distill into one hour. Based on her experience and her overall understanding of the market, she helped me better get into the minds of my prospects to ensure that I was speaking their language and delivering the appropriate value prop. Not only was the guidance that Laurie gave good for my bottom line, but she also reminded me that it was 100% OK to be my authentic self. And that is why Laurie is special, she clearly, honestly tells you where she sees potential pitfalls and points you down a path that feels true to your business and yourself. "​


Gordon Daughtery

Best-selling Author, S
easoned Business Executive, Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor & Investor

"I've had the pleasure of mentoring and advising Laurie throughout her entrepreneurial journey. Her extensive business strategy and market analysis skills combined with strong operational chops related to product development and leading technical teams is a powerful combination. You won't find many leaders with the diversity of demonstrated leadership skills like Laurie's and you certainly won't find hardly any that are as focused and driven."

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Earned media garnered in TV, Print, Digital in 50+ outlets (in English & Spanish)

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